This New Portable Paint Pen Can Remove
Any Scratch From Your Car

This is every drivers nightmare  an ugly scratch inflicted on the body of the car. 

You can be driving on the road and a reckless driver or cyclist could drive past and give your car a scratch.
or kids could easily scratch your car while they are playing. 

So what do you do?

There are just too many events that could inflict scratch on a car, and  you possibly can’t  avoid all of them.

But that’s not even the problem, You would have to paint your car to fix it every time it’s scratched….And it’s expensive painting a car

This is why you need this new pen that removes car scratch easily.

Introducing...CAR PAINT PEN

It’s a must have for every car owner and driver.

It’s the fastest scratch repair pen, that safely removes scratches from your car quickly and easily…you don’t have to park your car for days because you’re waiting for it to dry after painting. 

The auto paint pen is non-toxic, and odorless, so there’s no fear of it giving your car an irritating smell. 

The pen has the ability to resist water penetration, this means it can last long on your car.

It doesn’t require any special practice or training
for you to be able to use it…

it works in 3 easy steps;

  • Press the tip of the pen on the scratched part
  • Apply along the damaged area
  • Leave it to dry

It can be used on any car, regardless of its colour… just apply the pen and it will rapidly remove the scratch on the car. Keep Your Car Clean & Scratch Free. Don’t worry about having a scratch on your car because the auto paint pen is here now


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