Now You Don’t Have to Worry Anymore About Your
Pet’s Location With This Device

Ever been in a situation where your pet dog or cat went missing and you had to go out in search of it?

Every pet owner wants to keep their pets safe.

This is why they are trained to stay in the yard, keep them on a leash during a walk.

Despite all this, we still find pet owners looking for their pets and this can come with so much fear and anxiety.

One of the worst feelings in the world is having a pet and not knowing where the pet is, if it’s safe or not.

This is why you need the Pet GPS Tracker

Your Pets Can be Safe With This Device

The GPS pet tracker is a device built to locate and monitor your pets
movement by sms or internet.


It can track your dog or cat and show you real time update on your smartphone.

It allows you to add multiple pets to the system and keep track of their location and data, including the distance traveled and the speed in MPH.

With it’s GPS software, you can track your pet up to 10 miles, and even call to listen to background voice and know when something is happening.

It’s built to resist water even when fully submerged.

One of the worst feelings in the world is having a pet and not knowing where the pet is, if it’s safe or not.

This pet tracker has a mobile app you can install on your
phone to receive information about your pet.

It comes in a kit containing;

  • The GPS tracker itself
  • Collar that is easily adjusted to fit your pet's neck
  • USB cable for charging

Fear Shouldn’t stop you from going out with your Dog

If you’re always worried about your dog or cat wandering when taking a walk, then it’s nice you get this GPS tracker.  
The GPS tracker will ensure that there’s technology on your pet to locate it no matter where it goes to.


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