It’s every movie lovers dream...

This WIFI Mini Projector is bound to Give you the best Cinema
Experience even In your house…

The projector is designed to have a small & portable body, capable of projecting very clear, quality images on a large screen.

No need to strain your eyes watching movies with your friends from a small screen. Now you can project on a large screen and enjoy movies in the company of friends.

If you’re planning a family get together at the house, or you’re hosting your friends in your house for a get together, then it’s never a bad idea to have everyone seat together to see a movie as a family.

You used your car and forgot to turn off the lights, so the battery power runs out. Now you need to use the car urgently to meet up a meeting but the car won’t start. It’s really painful when you have to experience something like this

This is why you need the Pocket Wifi Projector

It’s a mini LED projector for your home...


Here are the functionalities of this projector;

  • HIGH DEFINITION DISPLAY IMAGES: This Cube Projector brings razor sharp pictures and amazing videos with incredible color and brightness. It furthermore supports 1080p video files and has a native resolution of 854*480 (FWVGA). This projector provides you with an awesome viewing experience.
  • Wi-Fi DISPLAY: The built-in Linux system with Wi-Fi is integrated with the most advanced 802.11a/b/g/n for both 2.4ghz switches, enables simultaneous screen mirroring and streaming. Thanks to this, you can achieve not only Miracast for Android devices, but also Airplay for iOS devices. Enjoy your favorite movies or pictures more conveniently, anywhere.

  • BATTERY CHARGING: The internal rechargeable 2,600 mAH lithium battery provides up to 1-1.5 hours of playing time on a single charge, whilst the RGB LED lights have a super service-life of up to 30,000 hours. Never be left in the dark again.

  • ADJUSTABLE PROJECTION SIZE: Despite its miniature size, this 2.1-inch Pocket Pico Projector is capable of bringing 7-100 inches projection screen with a projection distance of 0.18-2.5m. For optimum viewing, we recommend a projection distance of about 1.5m~2m. 

Easily connect it to your smartphone or any other device and
enjoy movie time with your family and friends.

You’re backed up by our 3 years guarantee for this product. So you can always send
it back to us and get a replacement if it doesn’t work well for you.


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