This Amazing Ointment Will Relieve You of All Muscle Pains…

It’s effective & works very fast...just apply on the body

If you’re not into pills, then you already know how terrible it feels to have to take pills for a little headache, or muscle pain.

The truth is, taking pills never feels nice

Pills are bitter… they can ruin your taste buds… they also have a very irritating smell. This is why you need this incredible ointment that cures body & muscle pains faster than any pill.

Introducing => Red Tiger Balm

No more swallowing bitter pills...No more body pains & headaches

100% pain & efficient


The tiger balm comes as a cream that is applied on the body...
going in through the skin for pain relief.

It contains components that are highly medicinal, mostly extracted from plans…it’s components include;

Camphor 25%, Menthol 10%, Cajuput Oil 7%, Dementholised Mint Oil 6%, Clove Oil 5%, Cassia Oil 5%, Paraffin & Petrolatum q.s.

The red tiger balm is ideal for curing muscular aches & pains… it also works for itches caused by insect bites.

Rub over affected area to reduce aches, swelling and other discomforts quickly and effectively.

The red tiger balm works very well for;

  • Headaches
  • stuffy nose
  • insect bites
  • itchiness
  • rheumatism
  • arthritic pains
  • flatulence
  • muscle aches and strains

Rub the ointment gently on affected parts of the skin...
say bye to body pains.


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