Now You Don’t Have to Worry Anymore About
Your Pet’s Location With This Device

Fitness trackers are a very important device to have around, especially for people who want to stay fit & healthy

Now, there are a lot of fitness trackers being sold because everyone wants to stay fit and be able to track their fitness

So it’s quite challenging finding the one that will work best for your fitness training

But Look no further...

We’ve found just that tracker that will suit your fitness level & budget too

Introducing => Xiaomi MI Band 2

This is not like any smart wristband you own or have seen before.


It has a big OLED touch sensitive screen, that displays an obvious activity of informations.

It allows you to connect with your smartphone even while you’re working out. It can remind you through vibration when you receive a call, message or other notifications.

…Not just that, it also displays readable contents on the screen from your phone. The Xiaomi wristband is programmed with an algorithm that makes it accurate in recording activities like; your heart rate, sleep, distance covered and even give you the weather forecast. The motion built-in motion sensor also monitors your sleeping duration.

It has a built in motion sensor that detects if you’ve been sitting at a place for too long and give you a nudge to move around.

The wristband is dustproof and also water resistant.
You can shower or wash your hands even when it’s on.

Here are all the functionalities of this device;

  • 10-day battery, IP67 water resistant
  • ADI accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor
  • Anodized 0.05mm ultra-thin button
  • Upgraded pedometer algorithm
  • Hypoallergenic silicone band
  • Battery :70mAh

So, If you’re looking to get an accessory that is stylish and can meet
your fitness needs, then you need the Xiaomi MI 2 Wristband.


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